Gundam Wing Fans!

Are ya a Gundam Wing Fan? Then this webring is for you ^_~ I noticed that it's very hard to find a Gundam Wing webring that anyone can just join no matter what, and that's the reason I made this webring o.o It's for any Gundam Wing fan!!! ^_^ Fun, neh?

Rules ~ they're simple!
1. You must have a website to join, dur X)
All sites are welcomed- yaoi, non-yaoi, and even websites that doesn't have GW contents on it. As long as you're a fan ^_~ The only websites that are not welcomed are tasteless porn sites, lemon and stuff like that are okay, but it shouldn't be the entire contents on the website; sites that promotes bad things like- drugs, racism, violence, etc. We don't support those! XP Most heinous.
2. You must be a Gundam Wing fan - hence the name of the webring! ^_~
3. Once you've joined, put the webring HTML fragment somewhere visible o.o On the main page of your site, or a webring page. ^_^ Somewhere where someone can easily find it.

Any questions can be emailed to!

How to Join

1. Fill out the form

2. Then put the HTML fragment on your website ^_^ Different logos can be found on this page.

3. Um ... that's it! :)

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Gundam Wing Fans webring was created by qt_foxee@yahoo.comDawn Asahi ^_^ Gundam Wing is copyrighted of Sunrise, TV Asahi, etc.